Ready, Steady...Quit

Quitting Smoking

As the New Year Approaches, many smokers will pledge to quit cigarettes. Although some will succeed on their own, advice from your local CARA Pharmacist  and NRT products  can be a great support to help you quit for good.

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The Facts- 22% off the population are current smokers, 18% smoke daily and 4% smoke occasionally!

Men are more likely to smoke than women - 25% of Men are current smokers, compared to 20% of women.Smoking rates are hightest among those ages 25 to 34. 34% of this age group are current smokers.

Quitting - 47% of all who have smoked in the past 12 months have made an attempt to quit.

42% of current smokers have made an attempt in the past 12 months. 13% are currently trying to quit, 57% are at least thinking about quitting. A smoker of 20 premium brand cigarettes per day can save over €4,300 anually by quitting.

What works for one smoker might not suit another, so a range of NRT formats that deliver nictoine in different ways and at different strengths can be offered to the patient. Your Cara Pharmacist will determine the type of replacement based on the patients own personal preference, any previous smoking cessation medication that has been previously used  and any side effects that may possible be caused.

NRT Products

Gum - Many people chew gum when they are trying to quit smoking because it provides oral gratification similar to smoking habit. The Gum is convenient  and allows the patient to to control how much nicotine they use and how often.

Patches - Best suit regular smokers  who smoke throughout the day to help their cravings and withdrawel symptoms. Patches deliver continuous, controlled dose of nicotine through the skin over 16 hours or 24 hours.  The nictoine is absorbed quite slowly compared to smoking a cigarette  so the patient should be prepared to wait a little for the nicotine to get into their system.

Lozenges - Dissolve on the tongue delivering therapeutic nicotine quickly to help relieve cravings and other withdrawel symptoms. For best results, suck the lozenge slowly, not chew or swallow it. Neither should you  eat or drink the lozenge in the mouth.

Cigarette Shaped Inhalers - replace the 'hand to mouth habit' of smoking. The inhaler should be used whenever they feel the urge to smoke. Over time, they should be used whenever you feel the urge to smoke. Over time, the patient should need to use the inhalator less to control nicotine cravings and withdrawel symptoms. The aim is for the patient to gradually reduce the number of uses per day.

Sprays - The patient uses the nictoine nasal spray when required, it is most suited to smokers who require rapid relieft of tobacco.

For any questions on these products or advice please call into you're local cara pharmacy where one of our pharmacists would be pleased to help.