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International Women's Day at Cara


International Women's Day is a celebration of all things achieved by women in every part of the world. All achievements no matter how small they are deserve to be celebrated. Achievements should not only be classed in the world of work or sport but also home, family and personal goals. 
This year is a special year for Irish ladies. We celebrated having a vote for just 100 years last month. Hope we all use it because women fought for us to have that right. If we don't use it, what did they fight for? This week is a great week to celebrate International Women's Day because we have Mother's Day on Sunday. So don't forget to spoil and thank that special lady (ladies) in your life x
Fiona Gobl
Area Manager
While International Women's day is often an opportunity for the media to reflect on the many impressive achievements of famous women in the public eye, for me personally it is a day in which I  like to take the time to appreciate and celebrate the everyday accomplishments of the assorted women in my life. While it is so important that we collectively commend successful women on their efforts, I think the women's day celebrations should extend to our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and friends. The small daily victories of the working mum, the kindness of a teacher or the mutual support of a group of female friends should be acknowledged and applauded just as much as the record breakers and star makers!  International women's day is the perfect reminder for us as females to remember to 'fix each others crowns' and support each other on the small scale as well as the bigger picture. 
However, it is also a day for us to be grateful and conscious of our privileges as women in the Western world, and consider how we can support our sisters globally who still face oppression, lack of education and abuse on the basis of their gender alone.
Ellen Hunt Maguire
Ecommerce and Marketing Assistant
International Women's day is a day of celebration, celebrating Strength, Power and Unity of women. A day to celebrate achievements from women in Business, Politics , Entrepreneurs and women in our local community. International Women's day is a day to look back at what we have accomplished as a gender and to look forward and all that still needs to be achieved.
Today, I will take a moment to reflect on all I have learned as a woman and give thanks to the women who have helped me grow and develop to who I am today. I want to create a path which is strong positive and creative for any women who look to me for guidance or who will follow in my path. 
''Success is often achieved by those who dont know that failure is inevitable'' - Coco Chanel 
Tara Mc Guiness
Manager Cara Quayside
International Women's Day is an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the strong empowering brave women that changed the course of history and paved the way for us to live in a world where women are equal and our voices are heard. Although we are fortunate to be living in a world that these women fought so hard for, it is not without it challenges!! It seems that in a day where social media portrays the lives of these perfect women we can doubt our own confidence and abilities. Our achievements should not be measured by how many likes we get on instagram but on the impact we make on the people around us and living everyday with honesty and integrity. Women need to support, respect and empower each other as we are stronger together! Personally today I will be reflecting and celebrating the women in my life who I aspire to and inspire me to be the best that I can be! They won't appear in any history books or be quoted on any social media feed, but to me they are the definition of a strong successful women who selflessly balance the day to day struggles of life managing a career and supporting their family all the while maintaining their integrity and staying true to themselves.

"Here's to Strong Women
May we know them
May we be them
May we raise them"
Christina O'Dowd
Pharmacist Manager

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