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Motivation Monday

Feeling deflated that you haven’t been able to stick to your New Years Resolutions? Or maybe you didn't set any at all?

Well, you will be glad to know that it doesn't matter! You can make new resolutions or GOALS at any time of the year. And we have committed for 4-6 weeks to talk to you about the principles of success and how to achieve your dreams. So watch out every Monday for our Motivation Tips!

Did you know that less than 10% of the population have clear written goals? Over the next few weeks we are going to help you learn how to unleash your inner possibilities and set yourself clear achievable goals that you will actually ACHIEVE!

It is amazing to know how influenced we are by other peoples opinions when it comes to achieving our dreams. Believing in yourself and not letting anyone talk you out of what your true life purpose is, opens up a huge realm of possibilities for your future.

One of the first steps to achieving your dreams is to figure out what they actually are! Years of telling yourself that you couldn't possibly do this or that, or couldn't possibly have this or that, trains our brains to just go with the flow and see how life pans out for us.

So what really are your dreams?

The easiest way to figure this out is to do ‘A Vision Exercise’ where you actually write out what the seven areas of your life look like, or rather what you would like them to BE! This takes time, but having done it several times, it is amazing how powerful it can be.

The best way to do the exercise is to take a few hours to yourself, in a quiet room, where you know you wont be disturbed and at a time when you are feeling alert and upbeat. If you are a ‘visual’ person, closing your eyes and imagining the following areas and how they look like is very effective, but ultimately the exercise of writing it down trains our brain to believe it. And when you write it down, write in the present tense… i.e. My home is 4000 sq foot, set on an acre site in….

The first category is the FINANCIAL area of your life. Ask yourself how much do you earn? Do you have savings and investments? Or a holiday home? Then what does your dream home look like? Describe it in a way as if you are walking through it, what size is it? where is it? what do the interiors look like? Do you have a home cinema? Do you live in the country or the city? Walk through your dream home. What sort of car do you drive and do you have any other assets or important possessions that you've always wanted?

Next is your IDEAL JOB OR CAREER. Where are you working or do you work for yourself? Is it a job that you enjoy so much that it doesn't feel like work? Who do you work with or who is working for you?

Then focus on what you do in your SPARE TIME, or your recreational time. How much free time do you have? Who do you spend it with? What are you doing? Are you on holidays and how many holidays do you take in a year? Where do you go if you are on holiday? What hobbies have you got? Have you learned to do something you've always wanted to do, or have you learnt to play that instrument you always wanted to play? What do you do for fun?

Next, what is the vision of your HEALTH and your body. What do you weigh? Are you fit and healthy? Are you buzzing with energy every day, and do you exercise regularly? Has that problem area that was annoying you gone away?

Then move on to the RELATIONSHIPS you have in your life. What is the ideal relationship you have with your parents, family and friends. Who are your life long friends and how often do you see them? Are you surrounded by positive people that are there to cheer you on rather than being a negative influence on your life? What do you do with the people you have relationships with? Do you have children and what is your relationship like with them?

On to the PERSONAL ARENA of your life. Have you gone back to study? Have you trained in something you've always wanted to learn about? Do you have spirituality in your life and how do you practice this? What do you do to relieve past hurts and issues that have made you unhappy? Do you meditate? Have you taken up a new sport? Have you ran a marathon or done a triathlon? Where have you travelled to?

Finally focus on the COMMUNITY in which you live. Are you part of the community? Do you contribute to any committee? Do you do any charity work? What do you do to help others that gives you a real sense of satisfaction?

It is so important that as well as visually being able to see the answers to all of these areas, that you write them down with as much detail as possible.
Then every day, first thing in the morning, read the vision you have written down.
For maximum impact, you can share your vision with someone you trust, that will be a positive influence in your life and your vision.
And remember, at the end of the day, most people want what you want too. Financial independence, a great job, trusting and joyful relationships. But we very rarely admit it.

Next week, we will focus on how to write down goals and how to make your dreams come true!

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