We're big fans of anything John Frieda here at Cara Pharmacy, here are our top picks for gorgeously groomed hair!

Best For Volume 

Fine hair is one of the most problematic issues to tackle. No matter how professional you get at home with your brushes; lotions and potions, often fine hair can risk looking lanky and lackluster a few hours after washing (especially if you've been heavy handed with the products!). The volumous look can be almost impossible to achieve at home, and occasionally even the expensive alternative of a salon blow dry can fall flat ten minutes after you step out of a salon. However, the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow-Dry Lotion Root Booster is specifically designed to tackle this issue. Unlike most similar products, this particular Root Booster formula is light enough that it doesn't inadvertently end up weighing down the hair. For best results the product needs to be sprayed directly onto the roots of towel dried hair, paying special attention to the crown area. It's best to avoid being over zealous with the product towards the top section of the hair, as this area is most prone to becoming greasy. For best results, the hair is then sectioned and blow-dried as usual (we love the Faro 32mm brush for this task), and as the product also provides heat protection! The results are noticeably lasting, and the style is intact without any stiffness until the next shampoo with minimal residue. This product can also be used by ladies of any hair type looking to create a more extreme volume style, when sprayed on dry hair it provides the perfect tacky texture for backcombing. For best results, use alongside the Luxurious Volume shampoo and conditioner.

Root Boost


Best For Frizz

Definitely considered a cult product at this stage, the John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight Spray is the stuff of miracles! While three days of straight hair can seem like a lot to ask of a product, this definitely delivers. Unlike the more traditional straightening serums, which rely on oil to smoothen the hair cuticle and weigh down flyaways, 3 day straight has a more tacky feel when applied, which gives the hair added texture to pull the hair straight when styling. Best suited to drier, frizzy hair types and applied to towel dried hair, the amount of product varies depending on the volume and thickness of the hair. To maximise its effectiveness, this product is best distributed evenly throughout the hair with a comb before styling. Although it only produces these miraculous results when heat activated, the overall damage is greatly reduced as the frequency of heat applied to the hair is greatly reduced and the product cleverly doubles as a heat protector. Overall a must have product for anyone who suffers from frizz! For even better results, use it alongside the Frizz Ease Flawlessly Straight shampoo and conditioner.


3 Day Straight


Best For Brunettes

While everyone is well aware of the maintenance and upkeep a blonde 'do requires, many brunettes assume that the dark side requires minimal effort when it comes to colour care. Brown shades can quickly loose their luster and vibrancy after a trip to the salon, and given that darker hair has a tendency to become visibly oiler, excess washing can strip the sheen of dyed hair much too quickly. This product can be used on the full spectrum of brown tones without depositing colour, giving hair a multidimensional shine. Even natural brown hair, which has a tendency to be dull can be perked up.


Best For Unprocessed Hair 

Best used on natural hair, the Go Blonder spray is an easy to use product for anyone looking to brighten up dull hair, particularly in the winter months when hair has a tendency to go darker. For best results apply to wet hair before blow drying. Be advised however, as this product is heat activated the sun can also accelerate the lightening process so be cautious! To keep your lightened hair in its best condition, add the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating shampoo and Conditioner into your routine to protect against the damaging dryness associated with blonde hair.



Best Versatile Product

Hair oil has recently had a surge in popularity, with many people swearing by its benefits for all hair types. While John Frieda's Frizz Ease nourishing oil elixir was formulated with curly hair in mind, its rich blend of argan oil and silicone and added heat protection makes it a great addition to anyone with damaged locks styling regime. The oil elixir succeeds in leaving hair visibly smoothed and nourished without feeling greasy. This product is best applied to wet hair, before towel drying or heat styling. However, for extremely dry, frizzy textures this oil can be applied on dry hair.