Mastering Multimasking


Face masks were once a sporadic treat, often just absent mindedly tossed into the trolley during the big shop, but have since turned into a twice a week skincare regime staple. Masking was the number one most google searched beauty term of 2017. Now many aesthetic practioners, beauty editors, bloggers and influencers alike have concluded that one mask isn’t enough!

#multimaksing is the latest skincare craze spurned on by social media, with people swearing that the secret to flawless skin lies in the layering of masks and isolating specific skin issues with targeted treatments. While many of us still believe we fit into the standard skin categories of sensitive, normal, dry, combination and oily, in reality our faces can be all of the above at once. Multimasking is used to balance out the skins texture, and ultimately promote an even complexion. Seasoned multimaskers advise using up to several different products at the same time to get a truly customised skin remedy, which is exactly what an aesthetician would achieve during a spa salon facial.

Skincare companies have really stepped up to the plate, with masks no longer being relegated to foil packets there are now numerous tissue, sheets, gels, clays and patches available for every ailment! Here are our current faves

Neutrogena Hydrogel Masks

Neutrogena have introduced their new Hydrogel masks to transform our lives. Thanks to its innovative split structure, the mask can be applied in two parts making them a multimaksing essential! One section covers the forehead, and the other covers everything below the eyes, however the lip section can be removed if necessary as for many people the skin there is extra sensitive. The masks themselves have a unique gel-like texture, they are slightly tricky to apply as they are very slippery, however the textured side is placed facing the skin. Its unique texture clings to the skin, ensuring every contour is sufficiently covered. Hyaluronic Acid is the star ingredient in the Hydrogel mask range, with each mask holding the equivalent of 30ml’s of serum, so essentially each once off application rivals nearly an entire bottle of product. The radiance boost mask is ideal for those suffering from tired skin, particularly in drier environments with air conditioning or heating thanks to the inclusion of Vitamin B3 in the ingredients. The ageless boost mask has been formulated for mature skin types, aiming to plump skin which has lost its elasticity with the addition of Adenosine to tackle ageing.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cream Mask Pods

These dinky little pods could very easily end up in your Nespresso machine, but these 10ml masks are no novelty and they pack a big punch. Perfectly portable and at a purse friendly price these pods are perfect to practise your multimasking. Available in the same Radiance Boost and Ageless Boost formulas as the hydrogen masks, these masks have a gel like texture and a thick consistency and can be layered for a luxurious experience, and there is definitely enough product in the pods for a few applications.

Skin Academy Eye Patches

Skin academy have very affordable gel eye patches, which target a multitude of issues at a very affordable price. Our favourites include the Vitamin C patches, which work to rejuvenate the skin by evening the complexion and alleviating the appearance of dark circles. The gel formulation hydrates the delicate eye area and vitamin c is praised for its ability to rejuvenate tired skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For mature skin, the range includes a Q10 and Collagen eye patch, both of those ingredients have long been famed for their anti-aging properties. Q10 energises the skin and protects against sun damage and collagen firms the delicate under eye skin. The gel texture is ideal for soothing and deeply hydrating the skin, relieving puffiness reducing the appearance of dark circles.


Nivea’s 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask

A must have for any skin type, Nivea’s 1 Minute Urban Detox mask is a deeply purifying treat designed to combat the negative effects of pollution and environmental stressors on the skin, which unfortunately we are all exposed to. This particular mask has exfoliating properties to slough off any dead skin cells and deep cleanse the skin, with added properties of Kaolin to brighten the complexion.

L’Oréal Pure Clay Mask

L’Oréal’s Pure Clay mask range has always been a bathroom staple for us. While many people are wary of clay in skincare, as it is notorious for its drying effects, this range has developed four different masks in order to cater to a varied plethora of skin issues. The glow mask infused with red algae exfoliates and brightens, the Bright mask infused with yuzu lemon illuminates and evens tone, the Detox mask infused with charcoal clarifies and detoxes and the Blemish Rescue mask with marine algae clears and unclogs… a multimaskers dream as all bases are covered by the entire collection! The masks have a delightful rich texture, and despite their clay-based ingredients they are not drying on the skin.

And for those who are undecided as to which formulation would best suit them before committing to an entire jar, there is a specific multimasking kit which has three 5ml sample sizes of each mask, and includes informative tutorial instructions on how to apply each one in order to target specific issues.

DermaPlump Lip Mask

Every inch of your face can benefit from multimasking, and DermaPlump has a mask specifically designed for the lips. With a luxurious formulation featuring 24k gold, collagen and hyaluronic acid this gel mask with deeply moisturise cracked lips and restore fullness lost from dehydration. While many people recognise hyaluronic acid as the main ingredient of lip fillers, it is actually beneficial as a topical treatment too. HA can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, so it successfully combats any signs of dehydration, which is especially beneficial for the uber delicate lip area.  

St. Tropez Express Sheet Mask

And for the ultimate multi-tasking multimasker, St Tropez has a revolutionary tanning product in the form of a bronzing sheet mask! Certainly a unique experience for your skin, enjoy all the benefits of a super nourishing mask while getting the often awkward job of tanning your face done simultaneously.