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Back to School with Cara Pharmacist Michael

Back to School

It's that time of year again where parents are ticking off the list of required items for back to school. Multivitamins and supplements might not be as high up the list as a school bag or pencil case but can be just as essential to give you're child the best possible start to the day.

These days there are numerous children's supplements available containing a wide range of vitamins, minerals, fish oils, fibre and much more. Not all children will necessarily benefit from taking multivitamins if they have a broad, healthy well balanced diet containing fish, vegetables and fruit. These types of foods contain important nutrients to help support growth, energy levels and even brain function and concentration.

Do you have a fussy eater? Vivioptal junior liquid is a food supplement that provides an extensive range of quality ingredients. It contains good levels of B vitamins which are important for correct functioning of nervous system and turning carbohydrates into energy. This product is particularly in preventing active children from becoming fatigued or after a period of illness.

Omega-3 fatty acids have been well studied and shown to have an important role in helping support growing minds and improving concentration when taken over a 6 month period. Eskimo 3 kids contains a unique stable blend of omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids with vitamin D and E for child support and growth. This product is available in two delicious flavours of tutti fruity and orange making it a treat with breakfast without that fishy after taste.  

Immune support is essential in crowded environments like schools to defend against them coughs, colds and flus. Vitamin C and Zinc in high doses has been shown to help boost immune systems and defend the body against these. L'll critters immune support provides high doses of both vitamin c and zinc in each gummy bear. They are easily chewed and swallowed by children. They can be a tasty treat added to those everyday lunch boxes.

For any questions on these products or advice please call into you're local cara pharmacy where one of our pharmacists would be pleased to help.