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Benefit Brow Dilemmas



Benefit Brow Collection— DILEMMA version

So many brow dilemmas…so little time!

NEW Benefit brow collection makes it super-easy to identify and solve your brow problems

Everyone wants beautiful, face-framing brows. But we all know the feeling of getting to the beauty counter and wondering about OUR unique brow dilemmas. Should we define? Should we fill? Where to begin? Never fear, Benefit Cosmetics is here! Their new brow collection helps everyone, from brow beginners to arch experts, go from zero to BROWtiful with total confidence.
We asked Mark Rogers, Irelands National Brow Artist, how Benefit went about solving the “dilemma” problem.
 “At Benefit, new product innovation always starts with CUSTOMER NEED,” said Mark. “We knew our customers’ biggest need was identifying and solving their brow dilemmas.”

To determine the most common brow dilemmas, Benefit’s dedicated brow product team listened to customers at Benefit BrowBar beauty lounges. An impressive feat since Benefit has over 1800 BrowBars in 45 countries, making them the world’s largest employer of therapists, and the world’s leading brow authority. (Mind-blowing stat: Benefit has shaped over 5 million brows!)
“From sparse to patchy to barely there, every gal has her own brow dilemma…and often, they’re not even sure what their dilemma is,” said Mark. “That’s why it was so important to us to make the experience as approachable and mistake-proof as possible,” added Mark.
“What’s truly innovative about our brow products is they’re self-explanatory, have high-performing formulas and custom applicators, and come in mistake-proof shades,” said Mark.
“Check out How EASY TO UNDERSTAND everything is on the packaging,” said Mark. “You take one look and instantly recognize your dilemma and how to solve it.”

Because we love you and your brows, here’s a “dilemma cheat sheet” featuring our favorites:
GIMME BROW brow-volumizing fiber gel
Poof…this award-winning fiber gel instantly volumizes, tames AND tints brows for NATURAL-LOOKING fullness & definition. Now available in a new MEDIUM shade so girls can match their coloring.

GOOF PROOF BROW PENCIL super-easy brow-filling & shaping pencil