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Cara Blogger - Week 1 "Get Ready with Caoimhe"

This week our Guest Blogger is Caoimhe who is a Sales Consultant from Cara Enniskillen. Caoimhe shares her top tricks and tips for getting weekend ready!


Wednesday night I start by using Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff (£4.95/€3.95).
I use this product to prep my skin before tan to make sure my tan will apply evenly and to remove stubborn old tan.Tough stuff is a gentle exfoliating body treatment. For a deeper exfoliation I would use it on dry skin, then rinse in the shower.

After exfoliation I like to moisturise especially around the drier areas such as elbows and knees. This helps the tan to go on streak free and even. I would follow this Aveeno Shower Mist (£5.95/€5.50) as it doesn't leave a greasy residue and it dries in quickly.

The tan that I currently use is the new Cocoa Brown Extra Dark(£5.95/€7.95).I really like this tan because it absorbs quickly,it's not sticky and it has no harsh tan smell.The colour is golden rather than orange and I find that it never leaves any residue on my clothes.For such an affordable price Cocoa Brown is definitely a must have tan. Applied with  the Cocoa Brown Velvet Mitt (£5.95), I find the tan goes on more even and streak free with the mitt and the thumb gives it a good grip.

When it comes to applying make-up your brushes are key. The Blank Canvas brushes are professional yet affordable.
For foundation I use the F22(£10.75/€14.95).I find it perfect for buffing in foundation for a flawless finish. Its also great for buffing in around smaller areas such as the nose and  ears. The round head is perfect for precise blending with cream contour.

The E26 blending brush (£7.95/€7.95) is your key smokey eye brush. I use it for all my blending and for packing colour on for a more smokey look.

My go to palette for my base is always the So Sue Contour Palette (£22.50/€29.95).I use the palette for my foundation,contouring and concealing. I apply shade 4 for my foundation as it gives a good coverage then contour using shade 2 and highlight/conceal using shade 1. You need very little product with this palette as a little goes a long way and all the cream shades are highly pigmented.I always set the cream with the powder shades in the palette .The powders aren't drying on the skin and they dont leave the under eye area creased.


After using alot of creams for my base I always set my face using a fix spray for that extra staying power. I always notice a difference with a setting spray and find the Flormar fixing spray (£8.99) the most refreshing on the skin. It's not a sticky spray and it doesnt leave spray marks on the face.

My must have brow product has to be from Benefit Cosmetics. I use Ka Brow (£20.00/€26.00) in shade 3 for a defined,bolder brow. Because its a cream gel formula it's easy to sculpt and work through the brows and its a lot softer than a pomade.It does include a built in brush but I prefer to use Benefits dual ended brow brush (£15.50) for a precise shape and blend.I like my brows to be softer at the front so I use 3D Browtones (£20.00) . I find it softens the filled in look and it adds subltle highlights to the brow.
Every saturday night needs a pair of eyelashes, I am loving the Babydoll cosmetics range at the minute (£5.95/€6.95).They don't feel heavy on the eyes and they have a thin lash band which makes it easier when applying them.I find that they can be re-used, aswell without the lashes or lash band shredding apart.