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Freshers Guide to College from Cara

Fresher’s guide to College!

Summer certainly flew past quicker than any of us had anticipated, so now that we are into September – Results are in, college offers have been accepted and hopefully you know where you are about to begin studying and you're happy with your choices!

New Beginnings
This upcoming month will answer a lot of your questions and perhaps settle some of the anxiousness that comes with starting a new chapter in your life and a lot of new changes.

For most First year students you won’t be familiar with any of your surroundings – New house, New City, New friends and New Campus – so its best to accept here and now that the first few weeks of settling in are going to consist of getting lost and being late for things – most likely lectures. But not to worry we’ve all been there, don’t be afraid to ask a passer-by for advice – we can tell you look lost!
Getting involved in some of the clubs/society’s in your college is a great icebreaker to help you settle in and make some new college buddies! There is a lot to do in college and loads of fun event days make sure to attend these as well, you will meet like-minded people with similar interests here!

The current housing situation is leaving a lot of students – both new and continuing struggling for a place to stay across the country– if you are lucky enough to have found decent living accommodation, within a reasonable distance to the college then you’re off to a good start! Now the next thing to remember is living with friends (or strangers at the start!) is very very different to living with family. Nobody is going to put a wash on, have the hot water ready or pick up after you so its time to accept the responsibility of being an adult and if you are a tidy, well organised student good for you – but be prepared to meet your opposites! Living out of home should be a fun and exciting new experience and it will definitely teach you a few life and survival lessons for sure!

If you are still struggling for accommodation – maybe look for student digs in the surrounding area, a lot of families are beginning to open up their homes to help students out, so that’s an option till you get sorted! If not then be sure to join some of the house-hunting pages on Facebook, if your just looking for a room you have a better chance of finding it on there then daft or!

Diet & Lifestyle choices
 It is vital for students to exercise and eat well during the college term - not just at weekends when your home! It’s important to remember to consume plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and water…your body will appreciate that when all its been consuming is pasta and alcohol!
Also just consider walking to college some days rather than getting the bus – you will get exercise and save money that’s a win-win situation for students! Making lunches is a great way of saving money and staying healthy at the same time!

We recommend purchasing some Berocca Fizzy melts and Dioralyte to cope with making 9am lectures from the night befores’ antics! We’re all for having a good time but we don’t want it to get in the way of your studies - Hangovers occur due to alcohol being a diuretic (triggering the production of urine), resulting in dehydration, which causes headaches, reduced concentration, dry mouth and irritability – sound familiar?? So now on to how to deal with them..
First and foremost drinking a pint of water before bed and also bringing up a bottle is a lifesaver for your future hung-over self when you wake up!

The new Berocca fizzy melts are great. You can take one tablet a day and there’s no need for water as they just dissolve in the mouth. So they’re great for on the go! B vitamins are great for helping your nervous system carry information to and from your brain and also great for energy so you can see why we recommend that one for students!

Dioralyte are considered a miracle quick fix when it comes to hangovers, this stuff basically rehydrates you and replaces the lost electrolytes from the night before! For only €4.15 a pack we recommend stocking up on these!

Available at Cara Pharmacy €7.95                    Available at Cara Pharmacy €4.15 (In Store)

Also to prevent becoming run down with the stress and deadlines of college you should buy ‘Pharmaton active life’ which contains Ginseng extract, vitamins and minerals - we recommend taking one a day to maintain your energy levels.

And Pharmaton capsules are great if you find your already run down – to help support your energy production, helping you stay in top form for lectures!

Available at Cara Pharmacy €13.95  (In store)             Available at Cara Pharmacy €11 (In store)

If you have any specific dietary needs or questions regarding diet/vitamins feel free to pop in to any one of our stores and talk to our pharmacist to help and give you the advice you need to ensure you fly through college!

Managing your money

Setting a weekly budget for yourself is a great way to ensure you don’t run out of money, this can be trial and error but after a few weeks you should have a fairly good idea of what it costs to survive the week! Also doing a weekly shop in Tesco, Lidl or Aldi rather then running to the shop every day, and making extra dinners if your going out that night so you don’t spend money on a Supermacs at 3am can help to save money throughout the year!

Did someone say student discounts?! For sure a great perk of being in third level education is the discounts that come with it, we understand the struggle of surviving whilst in college so that’s why Cara pharmacy and beauty offer 10% off for students in store every Wednesday!
We also recommend signing up to as many discount websites as you can – our favourites are UNIDAYS and Student Beans – these can be downloaded on your phone and most stores will accept them as a valid form of student i.d – every little euro helps in college!

Final Tips

Nights out are part and parcel of college as is alcohol consumption – just be sure to look after yourself and know your own limits. Don’t mix drinks if you can help it, enjoy yourself but drink responsibly.

Hot water bottles, blankets and soup are essentials coming into winter for cold student houses if you can’t afford to leave the heating on! Penneys is great for little bits like that, and some nice accessories to make your college house feel more homely!

Keeping in contact with your parents! Especially if you have moved far away and can’t make it home to often, you would be surprised the difference a text or two could make for them during the week.

Look after yourself with skincare and vitamins! Call in store and we can give you a skin analysis and figure out what you’re missing from your routine!

Get to know new people, embrace the unknown and have fun!!