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Kardashian Lips

How to get the Kardashian Lip


A few tips and tricks we've picked up along the way to copy the infamous Kardashian pout.

Here are our favorite ways to get the look without resorting to fillers!




Even the most extra girls often skip the lips! Exfoliating your lips from dead flakey skin cells creates the perfect base for some make-up wizardry. We love the new L’Oreal Smooth Sugars Nourish Scrub, a decadent treat to get the blood flowing and perk up your pout.




While the Kardashians can pull off any colour combos, Kim is the queen of the nude lip. However, not every shade is created equal! When selecting your perfect nude, many only consider their skin tone. In order to select the most flattering shade you have to carefully consider your natural lip colour.

To flatter a mouth with less natural colour (particularly on paler ladies!) Cailyn Pure Luxe lipstick in 17 Amber is a firm favorite. The slight dusky rose undertone adds a hint of colour which is essential to avoid the dreaded pasty concealer lips look of the noughties we all remember!




Ladies with a strong red or pink hue to their lips should concentrate on a nude lipstick with a yellow base shade to tone down their natural colour. Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection lipstick in 042 provides just enough coverage to dampen down a naturally red lip, and is extremely flattering to olive skin tones (or fake tan it has to be said!).


(available in store)


If you’re rocking a red lip with a much paler complexion, Kate’s Nude in 040 is the perfect alternative.


(available in store)


For darker lip shades, the Stila liquid lipstick in Caramello from the Warm & Fuzzy Trio Collection is the ideal shade to flatter warm skin tones due to its tan base colour, and has the added bonus of having super staying power.





While overdrawn lips are considered a big faux-pas by makeup aficionados, this is the easiest way to fake it till you make it!


First invest in a good concealer to act as a base, preferably in a shade lighter than your foundation. We love the NYX Wonder concealer pencil to outline the natural lip shape, it comes in three shades to suit every complexion.



Matte lip liner is an absolute must in order to pull this off, as any hint of a sheen over your natural lip line will catch the light and look obvious. As matte shades don't allow for any reflection, it is much more difficult to tell where the natural lip stops and the liner starts. Also choose a shade ever so slightly darker than your intended lip colour, to add a subtle definition. W7 has some amazingly budget friendly lipliners in a selection of nude shades to suit every skin tone.



Most importantly, be selective! Overlining your entire mouth is a dead giveaway, or even worse, trying to replicate perfect symmetry. Instead for faux fullness focus on the cupids bow and taper to the edges however be careful to follow the natural lip shape. However you can be much more generous with the lower lip, concentrating on the middle before following the lips natural shape closer to the corners of the mouth.




Also a dab of highlighter in the cupid’s bow draws attention to the centre of the mouth, which is essential to faking fullness. Benefit’s High Beam provides the perfect pearlescent shimmer without being OTT. The mini High Beam is perfect for squeezing into stuffed handbags!



Finishing Touches


Finally, to perfect the look, a gloss applied on top works best to finish. Benefit’s Hoola ultra plush lip gloss is our top pick to emulate a Kardashian pout. The shimmering golden nude hue is perfect to apply in the centre of the lower lip. By daubing a generous dot to the lower lip, it works to catch the light perfectly and create an illusion of fullness. Avoid matte lip glosses as they draw attention to the shape of the lips, which does not bode well if you’ve been generous with the lipliner!



And on that note, for the ladies blessed with naturally large lips to give Kim & Co a run for their money (or those who have had a little help!), Flique’s Charlotte Crosby collection of matte liquid lipsticks in shades Charlotte and Nude on Flique are a fab way to accentuate your features you lucky things!