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Summer Bucketlist 2017


Make this summer a summer to remember! Ever plan to have an amazing summer where you go on lots of adventures but when it comes to you, you do nothing! We all do.... But not anymore! If you make a bucket list than you are more likely to actually get things done. Having trouble coming up with activities to put on your list?


Folllow our CARA 2017 Summer Bucket List for a fun, action - packed summer!


1). Go to a Music Festival

Summer time is festival season so there is no excuse for you not to go to a concert with your friends. There is music to suit everyone. Get some festive costumes so you look the part. You can also find glitter, fake nails and hair accessories in your local CARA store to get into the festivial spirit!




2). Go camping

Camping isn't for everyone.. But how are you to know unless you try it? Some people love it. Get your tent out, invite a few friends and set up in the forest. It will be an experience - whether it be good or bad and it'll be a laugh. We have some of your camping essentials here at CARA such as toiletries, deodarant, portable phone chargers and lights!




3). Make-over your Room!

Bored of your room? Try decorating it with some of our CARA home decor available online. We have lots of cute ornaments and decorations to make your room more exciting. Try adding some yankee candles, canvas quotes and keep safe boxes to create a chill zone for you and your besties to hang out!




4). Fitness challenge

Have an event coming up or a night out that you want to look good for? Well why not one of our shake diet for a week, the results are incredible! Feel fresh and camera-ready for your next adventure. Trust me, we all know how hard it can be to commit to a full-time diet plan so this can be a quick and effective method of losing those extra few pounds.




5). Take lots of pictures

Capture every moment! Look at images on pinterest and tumblr for inspiration. You can now order photo gifts here at CARA so you can hold onto these memories forever. We also print your photos here at CARA, digital and disposable. We also have cameras from Fujifilm in stock for you to take your little snip-its with.




6). Get a tan

Real or Fake - Fake is probably the most likely here in Ireland. Check out our wide selection of tans we have for all you lovely ladies. We range from Bellamianta, Vita Liberata, Sally Hanson, Cocoa Brown and many more - there's just so much to choose from!




7). Go to a make-up tutorial

Subscribe to CARA so you can be kept up-to-date with all our pop-up workshops that we host on a regular basis throughout our CARA stores! They are free to attend, include live demos and discounts off products used.

Benefit Cosmetics


8). Start a journal

Keeping a journal can have so many benefits such as evoking mindfulness and emotional intelligence and can be a great form of healing. Why not start your journal this summer when you have that little extra bit of spare time. Choose from our selection of cute notebooks at CARA to jot down your feelings.




9). DIY spa treament

We all love being pampered and enjoying some relaxation but unfortunately, we can't afford a 5* luxury spa treament every other week. Why not treat yourself to some of the products CARA have to offer and invite a few friends along for a fun sleepover. To add to your fun buy some snacks and a bottle of wine - or two!