Summer Scents 2018


It's officially summer, and what better to set the mood than a new signature summer scent? Here are our very latest additions of the best new fragrances of the season!



Escada Sorbetto Rosso


This summer's limited edition offering by Escada is inspired by the Italian Amalfi coast, and it certainly encapsulates a hazy day at the beach. This scent isn't your typical fruity gourmand, thanks to the addition of aquatic sea salt which complement and neutralizes the sweet watermelon and pear notes at the heart of the fragrance. The drydown finishes warmly with a praline and amber accord, which is a lovely unexpected turn. This is definitely the scent to choose if you're looking for something unusual and memorable. It is an unmistakably 'Escada' fragrance, very playful and fun but it is a day time scent. Sorbetto Rosso has excellent longevity for an eau de toilette, making it perfect for long days spent at the beach however it is addictive and you will certainly find yourself spraying more!


If you like Sweet, Gourmand


Gucci Guilty Absolue Pour Femme


A fruity, white-floral combination makes a considered change from the typical scents we associate with summer. Gucci Guilty is certainly a side step away from the original fragrance due to the addition of a very distinctive blackberry note which dominates the scent, however the distinguishing bulgarian rose from Guilty is still present. This is definitely a more seductive version, while the inclusion of blackberry is fruity, it could not be described as sweet in anyway, and it actually becomes succulent and mouthwatering. The base notes are quiet masculine, which compliments the sharp opening. This scent is best suited to the Irish summer due to its tart nature, definitely not to be worn to a hot day at the beach as it has excellent projection and sillage.


If you like Fruity, Masculine

Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori


The latest addition of Gucci Bloom is distinctly 'green'. While perfumes with such a distinctive green quality are highly unusual as of late, with gourmand scents becoming overwhelmingly popular as of late, this scent is reminiscent of the fresh perfumes of the 1990s which gives it a distinctly vintage vibe. As described by one influencer, it's a 'millennial green scent in a millennial pink bottle', however this is definitely a contemporary interpretation. Fans of the original perfume should be warned that Acqua di Fiori is considerably different to Bloom, mainly due to the inclusion of galbanum. Youthful and endearing, this scent is reminiscent of strolling through a lush, flower filled garden and would be best suited for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd.


If you like Green, Fresh, Unique


Chloe Nomade


For Chloe perfume fans, this is deficiently a surprising addition for devotees of the brand. A floral chypre fragrance, Nomade's distinctive scent is oak moss is a distinctive, woody element giving the scent an earthy element. Offset with rich mirabelle plum which adds a hint of a fruity touch without being obviously summery, being more citrus than sweet. Unlike their other offerings, Nomade is more masculine and heavy, and is most similar to the brands original 1975 fragrance. The vintage influence is unmistakable in this scent.


If you like Chypre, Woody, Vintage

Stella Peony


Fans of the original Stella McCartney namesake fragrance will be delighted with this re-imagined version which amplifies the peony note so adored in the signature scent. A vibrant, sparkling floral despite the usually pungent peony, delicate and daring with strong undertones of pepper and cedar. The result is a fresher, airy adaption that is simultaneously strong, and that stands alone easily from the original. This is definitely a head turning perfume, not for the fainthearted!


If you like Musky, Floral, Citrus


Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar


Another floriental offering from the Flowerbomb range, Nectar stands out from its peers in that it has a strong blackcurrant/cassis sparkling gourmand vibe. While it is sweeter than the original thanks to the heady vanilla and tonka heart notes, Nectar manages to smell more mature and sophisticated. It is sweet rather than saccharine, thanks to its balsamic dry down. A sultry summer evening scent, with powerful sillage it is a sensual addition to your fragrance wardrobe and guaranteed to attract many compliments.



If you like Floriental, Gourmand


Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Twinkle


Despite it's floral namesake the Twinkle interpretation of Daisy Dream is distinctly gourmand. Its primary notes consist of cherries, berries and cream, a delicious summer desert in a bottle! A white floral scent at its heart, the sour cherry opening is beautifully contrasted by a milky base note, which is in no way over powering. The effervescent blend of succulent fruity and delicate floral notes make this the perfect office friendly, soft summer scent.


If you like Gourmand, Office Friendly


Daisy Twinkle

Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle


This re-imagined version of the crisp and cool Daisy, Twinkle is distinguished from the original by its strong violet note. A very simple fragrance, Daisy Tinkle is a bright white floral depending on a hint of wild berries to add a subtle sweetness, however there is a lovely woody undertone which lingers long after application. Interestingly this scent manages to be both ozonic and powdery, which is the most distinctive difference from it and the original. This is an ideal summer scent, fresh; unfussy and clean.


If you like Ozonic, Powdery, Fresh