Tan Maintenance Tips

The uncharacteristic heatwave we’ve been experiencing has provided us with ample opportunities to show more skin than normal this Summer, unfortunately the majority of us are more likely to burn than get a golden glow. The constant good weather means most of our regular tanning schedules have been interrupted, so in order to maintain a flawless fake colour the tan prepping game needs to be stepped up! While many of us resort to furiously scrubbing in the shower with a Loofa, this is certainly an unpleasant option for anyone who like Dr. Alex from Love Island has gotten a bit too much sun… ouch!

Tan removers have been extremely popular this year, quickly becoming a staple product in every bathroom cabinet with many brands bringing out their own versions. The more gentle alternative to abrasive exfoliation, tan removers work by changing the pH of the skin. By making the cells more alkaline, they therefore become easier to wipe away without the need for harsh scrubbing. The foam formula itself is very similar in consistency to mousse fake tan, however it is recommended that it is applied to the body with your hands instead of a mitt. Take care to ensure that the remover is evenly applied, it can be tricky as it sinks into the skin very quickly and dries clear. Once the product has been evenly applied, there is an awkward wait of five minutes while it gets to work. Once in the shower, most of the old fake tan comes off easily with just warm water but the tougher, drier areas like knees, shins and elbows need a bit of extra help with a wet facecloth or a Cleanse Off mitt. Overall the process is much simpler in comparison, and very quick! Unfortunately, these types of tan removers only work three days after the initial tan application. While this is ideal for day to day maintenance, it is not a good solution for anyone waking up with a tan disaster. They are however ideal for keeping up a glow over the summer months! While we have all been told numerous times that the secret to successful fake tanning is a deep exfoliation the night before, these products are so gentle and effective fake tan can be applied again directly after showering. Our favourite brands of tan remover are Catwalk HQ, Iconic Bronze and Fresh Start by Cocoa Brown with prices ranging from 9.95 to 14 euro.

Cocoa Brown Fresh Start €9.95

Catwalk HQ Tan Remover €11.95

Iconic Bronze Self Tan Eraser €14.00

For any mistakes that need to be remedied immediately however, a good scrub is still the only way. Nothing ruins the illusion that your tan is real than waking with a noticeable streak or worse a handprint! Luckily there are a few scrubs available now which utilize fruit AHAs as well as abrasives to provide an even deeper exfoliation. One interesting tip to get the best results is to apply your scrub product to dry skin, however this can be irritating so best kept for emergencies only! We love Cocoa Brown’s Tough Stuff, which is available in both bottle and a sachet form making it the perfect travel companion and Sunkissed Body Primer, which is an excellent beauty bargain!

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff €4.95

Sunkissed Body Primer €2.50

The Taneraser mitt is another option which can again be used both wet or dry. With a pink side to gently buff and a black side to tackle the rougher areas, the Tanearaser works best when used in the shower with a body wash. However, it can be somewhat harsh on skin and would not be suitable for anyone who is sensitive but a great option for those with oily skin. Bellamianta and SOSU also have exfoliating mitts available in their ranges.

Taneraser €8.95

Bellamianta Exfoilating Mitt €9.95

Bellamianta Exfoilating Mitt €9.95

Even if you’ve been on the ball with your SPF and avoided any burning, sun exposure still dries out the skin, making fake tan application trickier than usual meaning more room for mistakes. It is so important when your relying on a continuous fake tan to moisturise correctly. Moisturised skin is less likely to go patchy and will keep a colour considerably longer. However, it is essential that a non-oily moisturiser is used as oils break down the active chemical in fake tan. Our favourite is Cocoa Brown’s Chocolate Whip, which is intensely moisturising and oil free, using panthenol and vitamin E to maintain an even fade off.

Chocolate Whip Moisturiser €3.95