TePe Interdental Brush Original (Size 2) Pack of 8

TePe Interdental Brush Original (Siz
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TePe Interdental Brush Original (Size 2) Pack of 8 - 0.5mm

Did you know that toothbrushing cleans only 60% of the tooth? Toothbrushing cleans the front, back and biting surface. It’s easy to forget that the tooth has two more sides – between the teeth, where the most common oral diseases start. By daily interdental brushing, both gum disease and cavities can be successfully prevented.

Proven by clinical studies, interdental brushing can remove more plaque than brushing or flossing alone. That's because interdental brushes are designed to fit narrow and wider spaces between teeth. And since they are much easier to use, they are used more often by many people. The small, circular interdental brushes easily clean even the most difficult areas.

Developed in collaboration with the dental community and manufactured in Sweden by professional quality standards.

The easy, innovative and alternative way to floss

  • Thoroughly cleans and removes plaque between teeth

  • Color coded brushes cover a range of sizes for narrow and wide spaces

  • High quality bristles for efficient cleaning and durability

  • User friendly handle offers a stable, convenient grip

  • Plastic coated wire for safe use

  • Ventilated Plastic protective cap, which doubles up as handle to offer increased comfort

  • Highly effective for the prevention of gingivitis and periodontal disease

One of the most effective way to clean between your teeth is by using interdental brushes. TePe interdental brushes come in 9 sizes to easily fit in different interdental spaces. The wide selection provides a solution for every need. You can pick what is best for you.

These brushes are specially designed to reach small spaces between your teeth where regular toothbrushes are unable to reach. Using these daily, along with your toothbrush helps in keeping your teeth and gums healthy and fresh. Regular use of interdental brushes prevents bad breath, cavities and gum inflammation.

TePe Interdental Brush Original: straight brush head, nine sizes (to accommodate every space), short handle (can be extended with the plastic cap provided), Size 0-3 have a flexible neck for even better access; flat, ergonomic handle for a steady and controlled grip; The handle is made from recyclable polypropylene; plastic coating on the wire for safe and gentle cleaning; can also be used for cleaning around implants or braces.

TePe Interdental Brush Original (Size 2)