Welcome To The Dark Side

Welcome To The Dark Side 

The tanned look is certainly one that isn't going away anytime soon, and recently it would seem the darker the better! With all the biggest brands jumping on the bandwagon we have selected our top picks to suit everyone


Cocoa Brown Ultra Dark

We could not have been more excited when our favorite budget tan Cocoa Brown announced that they would be developing an Ultra Dark edition to their collection. By far the cheapest in the extreme dark category, it definitely delivers for the price. The foam formula is the same as their other offerings with no change to the application process, and just one coat was needed to get the desired shade. While all Cocoa Brown tans develop in one hour, from personal experience they are still best left overnight. Although the foams colour was alarmingly dark upon application with (think Ross from Friends) vibes, we were pleasantly surprised and relieved to see that the colour had developed really nicely after showering. All in all, the smell and application were the same Cocoa Brown experience we love and the initial promise of six shades darker than the extra dark version definitely delivered. While the colour was better than expected, it did not wear off as well as the other tans we tried, however for the price it certainly delivered. 


Bondi Sands Ultra Dark 

The original 'Ultra Dark' tan, Bondi Sands is solely responsible for starting the trend, and has its own cult following throughout the beauty world. One particularly pleasant thing about this tan is the beautiful guide colour, which upon application is not too far off the shade once developed. Famously Bondi Sands' base colour is green based, which can look off putting on your mitt but this prevents the tan from being anyway orange so you can be certain you wont look 'tangoed'. For this reason, it would definitrely be my pick of the bunch for any 'Ultra Dark' virgins. Beware of your clothes however, wearing dark and loose clothing is essential after application as this tan does transfer. It is also extremely long wearing, with some people reporting that the colour can last up to a week without reapplying, however we did find it tougher to remove than the rest of the tans we tried. It definitely lives up to its reputation!


bPerfect 10 Second Tan Mousse Ultra Dark Mango


First and foremost, in terms of smell this tan came out trumps! The mango scent is delicious and there was no typical tell-tale  fake tan odor during the application or when we left it to develop. The distinctive scent was even still noticeable the next morning before a shower. While the foam formula is new to bPerfect, the application was so easy and the lovely hydrating feel of the original liquid formula had not been lost in the mousse version. In terms of colour, the shade after developing was definitely very dark, however it definitely has a more orange base tone than some of the other tans. This tan definitely wore very well too, without any patchiness for a full five day. Although the colour did fade considerably over the days, it did so evenly. While it is not officially promoted by the brand, many people have found the bPerfect formula to be beneficial for dry, flakey or irritated skin types due to its hydrating aloe vera in its ingredients. 

Vita Liberata Invisi Foaming Tan Water Super Dark 

While we all are after the perfect deep bronze glow, spare a moment to consider the fate of your poor bedsheets. We have all woken up gorgeous golden goddess at some stage, only on closer inspection find our beds haven't faired out as lucky. Thankfully, Vita Liberata has come to save the day, with its latest offering being unique from its dark counterparts in that it is an invisible foam. While we are aware it sounds far too good to be true, It's 'clear as water' formula is able to develop into a really deep colour over 4-6 hours. The formula is also fast drying, posing no risk of any transfer, which in theory means it could be applied in the morning before work without any tell tale stains or smells. While the lack of colour does make application a little tricky, especially if you don't have a willing assistant to help with your hard to reach areas, this is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to save their laundry. It also has the added benefit of being 90% organic, and particularly beneficial for sun damaged skin which makes it an ideal addition to your suitcase for holidays.