Winter Wonderful Skin

Tips and Tricks for
Winter Wonderful Skin

So although it's safe to say that 2017 has flown by, and although many of us may not have been ready to adjust into the festive season just yet, some of us have been buying fluffy socks, drinking hot chocs and putting up Christmas decor before Halloween even arrived, so like it or love it winter is coming… and we want you to be prepared!

Weather forecasts have predicted this to be the coldest winter of the decade to hit Ireland, but you don’t need to fall victim to accepting dull, weather worn looking skin along with it, how you say??..Well that’s where we come in – keeping you up to date with all the tips, tricks and beauty products you need to combat and swap that dry, flaky, dull skin for a hydrated glowing pampered version of you this Christmas time!


If you are a firm believer in ‘if its not broke, then don’t fix it ’– well this time we have to disagree, weather is changing so therefore it’s time to change up your skincare routine and add some thicker more restorative products to add a layer of protection and stop the cold harsh weather aggravating your precious skin!


Elizabeth Arden 8hour cream is one beauty product we always recommend having with you during the winter months – it soothes dry, irritated skin and chapped lips almost instantly!

Available for €19.95 @ Cara Pharmacy

Our favourite moisturiser and serum to use as the degrees are dropping has to be from the Pestle & Mortar range – and once you try them you’ll see why!
You can buy these individually or separately both online and in store, but we recommend putting them together for an amazing result!
Pestle And Mortars’ Pure Hyaluronic Serum contains Hyaluronic acid, which plumps and hydrates dry dull skin – leaving the skin instantly glowing and firmer (who doesn’t want that?!)
Hydrate – lightweight moisturiser is a luxurious triple peptide moisturiser that softens your skin while hydrating deep below the surface.
The set retails at €82, which is a bargain for your buck when you realise how amazing these products are for your skin and the results they achieve.

Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum + Hydrate Moisturiser Duo €82.50

Lastly from the same brand the Superstar Retinol night oil is literally the best night oil you can use on your skin this guy retails at €75 and is formulated with a unique booster technique, it works while you sleep by infusing your skin with two different types of retinol – helping reduce pore size, fine lines and even out your skin's texture and tone. If it seems a bit pricey to begin with we definitely recommend adding this one to the Christmas wish list, you won’t regret it – it is definitely an investment for your skin!

Available @ Cara Pharmacy €75

Exfoliating is still a crucial if not even more vital part of your skin routine in the winter months for your face and body! Remember when we exfoliate we improve our circulation, which is what you need to keep the blood flowing within your polished skin this winter!
For your face we recommend La Roche Posay Ultra Fine Scrub - use this product once/twice a week, dampen and then apply over your face, massaging gently in upward motions.
This product is suitable for all skin types; it has a refreshing effect that gives you healthy and glowing skin. The scrub is thick and creamy so it cleans your skin while nourishing it from deep within. It provides long lasting effects with even and radiant skin...Sounds good to us!

Available @ Cara Pharmacy €14.25

Brrr...It’s cold out there! To help you brave the cold weather wrap up and make moisturising your body on the daily a priority - La Roche posay Lipikar Baume is literally the Bomb! Very dry, uncomfortable or itchy skin is immediately soothed and hydrated from the first application. Providing you with 24-hour hydration for those cold winter months! We recommend applying to the skin while it is still damp, after a shower or bath and massage in until fully absorbed! This honestly works wonders for your skin, as this formula contains no preservatives, no parabens, no fragrance, no alcohol, no colorants and no lanolin. It is 100% hypoallergenic. So that’s a big thumbs up from us!

Available @ Cara Pharmacy €19


Lips – do you suffer from dry chapped lips as the weather conditions vary? If the answer to that is yes you need to kick the bad habit of biting off any skin and avoid licking your lips .. I repeat avoid licking your lips at all cost!

Purchase a nourishing lip balm like La Roche Posay Nutritic lip balm and have it with you at all times! This balm transforms the 4 signs of dry, sensitive lips: pulling, fragility, fineness, chapping and it’s only €4.50 so save yourself the hassle and make it top priority to purchase one ASAP!

Available @ Cara Pharmacy €4.50

Hands it’s so important to take care of your hands, the easiest way to do this is to buy a pair of winter gloves to help protect them from harsh cold weather that dry’s them out, and purchasing a great hand cream like Bioderma Atoderm Ultra Repair Hand Cream, which is a nourishing treatment that instantly repairs dry, damaged hands which is also a Paraben-free, Hypoallergenic and Non-sticky formula.

Available @ Cara Pharmacy €5.50

Bad hair days just don’t sit well with us; I mean prevention is better than cure, right? Don’t neglect your hair during this time of year; it needs you now more than ever! Your hair can become dry and damaged from the winter cold quite easily. Coconut oil works wonders for the hair – and while it’s widely being acknowledged for various beauty and health benefits at the minute it’s especially good and inexpensive to use on your hair.
Coconut oil will help moisturize and condition your hair. While also stimulating hair growth, if you wish to leave coconut oil in your hair as a treatment melt down a little bit in a bowl over hot water and just brush through from root to tip (it also helps moisturise your scalp and get rid of dry, itchy scalps) after 10-15 minutes rinse out your hair with shampoo and you can re-apply some coconut oil to the ends to help further repair those split ends but avoid the roots so your hair doesn’t look oily!

Another one of our fave hair treatments which is very inexpensive considering the effects it has is Revlon’s Uniq One hair treatment. This product retails at €8.50 and offers 10 benefits to all hair types

  • Repair for Dry/Damaged hair
  • Shine and Frizz Control
  • Heat Protection
  • Silky and Smooth Finish
  • Colour Protects with UV filters
  • Easier brushing and ironing
  • Detangler
  • Long lasting Hairstyle
  • Split End prevention
  • Adds body

Now we know 10 benefits sounds a little far fetched, especially at that price tag – but you best believe it, have we ever led you astray before? I personally love this and can’t imagine my life without it now, (Okay.. slightly dramatic I know!) but seriously after using it for the last 4 weeks the difference is amazing – my hair looks so nourished, sleek and dead ends are not a problem!
My favourite thing about this product is the way it detangles hair, I especially get very tangled up hair after a shower or in the mornings, but with 3-4 sprays of this it is effortless to run a brush through my hair. So perfect for winter to avoid breakage when are hair is at a low, purchase this product if you want to join us for non-frizzy, silky smooth hair with volume that everybody desires!

Available @ Cara Pharmacy €8.50


Silicea tablets
If you don’t take a vitamin for hair, skin, nails and bones winter is a good time to start, I myself have been using this product on and off over the last year, now it does take 2-3weeks to notice the effects, but once you consistently take these tablets (for up to 3 months at a time) the results are amazing, and everyone notices the difference!

Available@ Cara Pharmacy €15.95

If you feel your hair needs a lift, but don't have time for the hairdresser then John Frieda Luxurious volume 7 day treatment  is for you, this guy helps penetrate deflated hair fibres and then plumps it up for added body for up to 7 days. It’s a gel consistency that you apply in the shower to washed and conditioned hair, rinse off and then blow-dry to create fullness that lasts 3-5 shampoos!

Available @ Cara Pharmacy €7.05

It’s also important not to neglect your diet when trying to maintain a healthy body, your skin texture doesn’t just become affected by external factors, ensure your drinking 3-4 litres of water a day to retain moisture in the skin – also lots of fruit and veg will help release water into your system throughout the day. Primrose syrup and olive oil also aid in softening the skin.

To finish off some of our top winter tips include adding humidity to your home, this is because cold air can’t retain as much water vapor. When humidity is low, our bodies lose more heat - leaving us feeling the chill. If you find you suffer badly from colds and flus in the winter - it could be from dry air. Breathing in dry air can dry out membranes, which makes it easier for viruses to enter into the bloodstream.
So by adding humidity to the air, it will act as an insulator. You can purchase a humidifier or simply place a bowl of water near your heaters - this adds moisture to the air, adding a drop of rose water or another one of your favourite scents to top it off and have your home smelling wonderful!

Also try to lower the temperature of your shower or bath, I know it’s hard not to have a borderline scalding shower when it’s so cold out, but hot water strips the skin of natural oils. So try using warm water instead if you can help it.

So with all those tips in mind, we wish you all a wonderful winter and Christmas 2017. Be sure to contact us via email/telephone or pop in store to speak to some of our trained staff with any queries you might have!