Luna Silk Pillowcase


LUNA - The luxurious pillowcase from CARA!

We're delighted after all these months to finally launch the 'Luna' Pillowcae. The 100% silk pillowcase is available in two colours, white and ivory, and retails at €39.00. Available from one of seven CARA stores nationwide, or on the recently redesigned CARA website, the Luna pillowcase is created with 19 Momme, pure silk fabric.

Sleeping on the lavish fabric offers a range of skin and health benefits. The natural protein and 18 amino acids in 100% silk, counteract the effects of ageing, as well as preventing sleep lines and crease marks on the face. Unlike cotton, silk does not absorb moisture from the face, hair or beauty cream, thus enabling night cream to work more efficiently, which can only mean better skin!

Silk is a natural hypoallergenic, which makes the Luna pillow case a perfect choice for severe asthma and allergy suffers. It is also a natural heat regulator, keeping the skin cool in summer and warm in winter.

CARA Pharmacy marketing director, Ramona Nicholas, said: ‘We are delighted to launch the beautifully luxurious Luna pillowcase exclusive to CARA pharmacy. It has been a long journey but every moment has been worthwhile, as we feel we have created a high end, deluxe product, at an amazing price point. The benefits to sleeping on the Luna pillowcase are huge, and we can’t wait until our customers reap those benefits.’

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